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Welcome to the MeSeR website. The last fifty years have seen a series of events in both the Jewish and Christian communities which have opened the way for a major change in relationships. Since the founding of the Jewish State of Israel, the reunification of Jerusalem, and the historical change in Christian theology and attitudes there has never been a better opportunity for Jews and Christians to work toward a real reconciliation between the two communities. MeSeR’s purpose is to help facilitate this significant movement by informing, educating and inspiring anyone who has it in their heart to begin the process which starts with honest and sincere dialogue and the building of relationships. 

Yes, there are historic and core differences which both must accept and respect. Christians must take into consideration that for many Jewish people the past two thousand years of unpleasant Church history is not easily forgotten. For many Christians this history is hard to relate too because they, nor their ancestors, have had any personal experience which can in anyway relate to the Jewish history of persecution and anti-Semitism.  For this reason, there is a great need for education and understanding to address this gap of religious experiences. A basic lack of trust exists, both theologically and concerning agendas. For Christians to win the trust of many it will take more than a few polite words or the giving of money to one cause or another. However, the potential of what both have to gain is worth all efforts. 

Today’s world creates a situation where Jews and Christians have much more in common they can join efforts to accomplish. The decline of social norms, ethical, and moral values which have been eroding in addition to an assault of the Judeo-Christian values which have been the framework of our society beg a response. Jews and Christian’s are the only ones to address these in a fundamental way. Then of course there are the religious concepts we have in common the most important being that both communities believe in the ultimate redemption of Israel, the entire Jewish community, and the redemption of the Nations of the world at the End of Days as foretold by Israel’s prophets. The catalyst of the final redemption is the long awaited coming of the Messiah, and both Jews and Christians share the mandate to prepare the world to make ready for His coming.

Honest and open religious interaction will only benefit both communities. Part of the events of the last fifty years is a change in Christian positions concerning the Jewish people, the creation of the Jewish State of Israel and the Hebrew Bible. A new desire to learn about Jewish tradition and the wisdom of the Sages of Israel has helped create this unique opportunity we have today. MeSeR’s goal is to support this change and as it grows to find ways to make it easier for a new era in Jewish Christian relations and cooperation.

For years Christians have been supporting Jewish causes, making trips to Israel to see the land and participating in political activity in support to the Jewish State, but for the most part not building personal relationships or working for a true reconciliation through dialogue. The time for a change is at hand and MeSeR will play a role in this sacred work. 

You will have the opportunity to participate by asking questions, giving input and telling us your own experiences. 

Join us in this new adventure.

The MeSeR website’s goal is to provide information to help you participate in the effort to bring reconciliation between Jews and Christians for the sake of all that we both agree we have in common.  In today’s world there are many social, ethical and moral issues both communities agree on and can work together to address. For this to happen there needs to be more cooperation between Jews and Christians and there is a need for greater dialogue, dialogue that insists on mutual sincerity and honesty while accepting and respecting those core issues we don’t agree on. 



מסר — MeSeR

The word MESER, מסר in Hebrew means more than the simple definition of a single word. Often translated, message or theme, the word paints a mental picture of the transfer of an idea, a concept or a deep belief the author wants to communicate to the listener. The desired result is the receiver of the message will comprehend the implications of what the author is saying whether it comes in the form of a book, blog, speech or any other medium.

We want to transfer to our audience what we consider a world changing message. It’s not original, in fact it is a reoccurring theme weaved throughout the Bible. What makes it so relevant today is the timing is right. Our message concerns the role Gentiles, from among the nations, will play in the fulfillment of what the prophets of Israel foretold concerning the End of Days, אחרית הימים, a’charet ha-yamim in Hebrew. 

Starting with Moses, then the prophets, generation after generation spoke of a time when multiple things would be happening simultaneously. Several keys points were; God would bring His people back to their homeland, the nations of the world would be against Israel, and most importantly Gentiles, contrary to the past, would come to the Jewish people asking them to teach them the ways of God. At some point there would be a critical mass of God fearing gentiles who turn to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the sincerity of their lifestyle and love for the Jewish people would inspire Jews who witness this miracle to also return as a people to the Holy One of Israel. 

Jews have been working toward the ultimate Tikun Olam, and Christians for the restoration of all things, which when it happens both our work will have been accomplished

Zachariah 14:9,

And the Lord shall be King over all the earth.
In that day it shall be—“The Lord is one,” And His name one.